Alexander Vlahos, an actor in Game of Thrones, is married? His Relationship Status Information

Alexander Vlahos, an actor in Game of Thrones, is married? His Relationship Status Information

In the Canal+ television series Versailles, Philippe of Orléans was played by actor Alexander Vlahos, who is best known for this role. In 2012, Vlahos assumed Asa Butterfield’s role as Mordred on the BBC One programme Merlin.

He watched The Mighty Ducks as a kid and is now a huge admirer of the show. 2009 saw the actor graduate with a degree in acting from Cardiff’s Royal Welsh College of Music & Drama.

On July 30, 1988, Vlahos was born in Tumble, Carmarthenshire. He relocated to Mid Glamorgan’s Llantrisant. The actor is bilingual in Welsh and English and was raised by a Welsh mother and a Greek father.

He enjoyed sports and games a lot. From the age of eight till the age of 18, the hero played ice hockey for the Cardiff Devils of Great Britain and captained Wales.

Alexander Vlahos

Alexander Vlahos

Is the Game of Thrones actor Alexander Vlahos married?

The love of Alexander Vlahos’ life, Julia Huard, was the bride.

According to a May 31 Instagram post by Alexander, who shared a snapshot of their wedding, Alexander is now wed.

On his Instagram, Alexander expresses his happiness at receiving his vows and the presence of all of his loved ones on this special day.

By exercising and taking care of her appearance, Julia seems to be taking fantastic care of her health. Huard’s beautiful black hair, brown eyes, and fair skin tone make him recognizable.

Huard is a great girlfriend in Vlahos’ opinion, and given their mutual familiarity, a marriage might happen soon.

He had a few previous relationships in addition to his relationship with Julia. Alexander Vlahos dated Swedish model Kajsa Mohammad from 2011 to 2016.

Alexander Vlahos and Kajsa Mohammad shared a three-month engagement. They began dating in November 2011 and dated for four years. Despite being hitched on July 28, 2016, they divorced in November of that same year.

After that, Vlahos and Lauren Samuels, an actress he had been chasing for a while, began dating. The two stars formed a deep bond between Vlahos and Samuels.

Lauren gained fame through the musical variety program “Over the Rainbow.” She was born on March 26, 1988, in England.

Julia Huard, a female acquaintance Update

Alexander Vlahos and Julia Huard, his girlfriend, have a strong love relationship. Although it is unclear when Alexander and Julia started dating, it is alleged that they did so in 2019.

By exercising and maintaining her attractiveness, Julia tries to take exceptional care of her health. Huard is a fantastic girlfriend to Vlahos, and they are currently married as a result of their mutual understanding of one another.

How Rich Is Alexander Vlahos In 2022?

The estimated net worth of Alexander Vlahos is $2 million. Most of Alexander’s wealth has come from his acting profession.

Like many famous people, Vlahos chooses to maintain his privacy so that his exact fortune can be more than $2 million. Information on what happens while the cameras aren’t recording is quite scarce.

Alexander had an appearance in Max Gill’s gender-neutral version of Arthur Schnitzler’s drama La Ronde from February 11 to March 11, 2017.

Alexander played Hamlet in the 2017 audio drama version of the play by Big Finish Productions. He appeared at Shakespeare’s Rose in the summer of 2018 before performing there once again as Captain Hook at the Park Theatre in London.

Romeo in Romeo and Juliet and Catesby in Richard III were performed on stage at York.

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