After a 4-year-old boy drowns during a swim lesson, his family seeks explanations.

After a 4-year-old boy drowns during a swim lesson, his family seeks explanations.

4-Year-Old Boy Drowns

4-Year-Old Boy Drowns

After her four-year-old son passed away last month during a monitored swim lesson in Georgia, the mother is looking for explanations. In an exclusive interview with his family, Justin Carter of TSR Investigates learns that the boy’s drowning was most likely caused by an instructor who had a habit of being “distracted” and disregarding safety procedures.

When Dori Scott enrolled her son for a week of supervised swim lessons last month, she said he was “nervous” but also eager to get started. Israel had just finished his second day of training when the fatal tragedy took place on June 14 at a residential pool.

She informed TSR Investigates that the instructor, Lexie Currington-Tenhusen, had informed her that parents were not permitted to observe swimming sessions. As a result, she waited for Israel for the first two days while sitting in her car. The first day seemed to go rather smoothly, but Scott claimed that on day two, her worst nightmare came true.

Touching Witness Mother was told to “Come get your baby.”
“A lady approaches and raps on my window. She says, “Come grab your baby,” as I’m sitting in the car, and she did it in a harsh manner. Then, as I turned to look at her face, I noticed what appeared to be tears in her eyes. At this point, I already knew something was wrong, so I immediately screamed.

The young kid was discovered unconscious in the pool and given CPR by a nearby nurse before being taken by ambulance to a nearby hospital, where he eventually passed away, according to WFXG.

Despite there being no indication of wrongdoing, investigators said they were still looking into whether criminal negligence might have been at play, according to Burke County Sheriff’s Office Captain Jimmy Wylds.

Israel Scott, 4, passed away last month in Georgia after drowning during a swimming lesson.
Famous defense lawyer Lee Merritt, who is defending the Scott family, told TSR Investigates that the instructor repaid them money for the week’s lessons via Venmo, but she has made no apologies or tried to get in touch with the family since Israel Scott passed very tragically.

The swimming teacher has been contacted by TSR Investigates, but as of Wednesday, no response had been received. Her Instagram page has since been made private, and she has deleted both her personal and professional Facebook sites.

The family’s attorney told TSR Investigates, “She has a list of complaints from the area about her often being distracted, utilizing her son as an employee who isn’t always on the premises, and not following the policy standards for watching youngsters, so there is a reputation in the town.”

Merritt continued, “The Burke County Sheriff’s Office has also failed to give the Scott family a complete police report.” He said to TSR Investigates that the investigation part of the case is presently underway as they try to talk to witnesses and figure out why the system failed Izzy.

Forever Haunted by Israel’s “Nervous” First Day of Swim Lessons’ Facebook Post
Israel’s first day of swim lessons was documented in a Facebook post by Dori, who claimed that the post will now haunt her for the rest of her life. She posted the following caption on Facebook on June 13:

“The first major day of swim lessons for my big guy. Israel Scott’s mother, Dori Scott, wrote in the caption of a Facebook post, “He stated he’s a little nervous.

According to TSR Investigates, if the kids are not used to the water or are terrified of it, swimming supervisors in the State of Georgia where Izzy died must have at least one supervisor on hand.

As the family continues to seek explanations for what led to Israel’s untimely departure, Dori, Israel’s mother, claims that the absence of closure over his death has kept her up at night.

Racist Critics Are Standing Up For The Swimming Instructor, According to Family
The Scott family claims that racial hecklers have been defending the swimming instructor on social media, with one person stating “SMH, I would definitely pick and select each and every child I taught in the future.” This has only served to exacerbate their irritation. Finished with Tyrones.

The Scott family claims that the swimming instructor has been defended by racist online trolls.
The Burke’s County Sheriff’s Office was contacted by TSR. They claimed there was still an inquiry going on and that as part of the probe, they had spoken with the swim teacher. They said that after the inquiry is complete, the police report would be made accessible.

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