Actor Jared Shaw of The Terminal List Is A Former Navy Seal; How Old Is He?

Actor Jared Shaw of The Terminal List Is A Former Navy Seal; How Old Is He?

Jared Shaw has piqued internet users’ interest due to his appearance in the ongoing “The Terminal List” series on Amazon Prime Video.

Jared Shaw

Jared Shaw

Ernest “Boozer” Vickers, a recurring character, is played by him. Actor Chris Pratt plays Lt. Commander James Reece, the series’ primary character.

The same-named novel was made into a series called The Terminal List.

The action-packed plot of the series, which premiered on July 1, received praise from critics and viewers, sparking discussion on social media.

Jared Shaw, an actor from The Terminal List Previously a Navy Seal

According to Deadline, Jared Shaw, the master of stunts, is a former Navy Seal.

His history as a former Navy SEAL was very valuable for both his stunt work and his current job as a Navy SEAL on the show.

The actor from Terminal List will play a brash Navy SEAL who is adored by his fellow SEALs. His persona tries everything in his power to support James Reece through his difficult time and refuses to let loss break him.

Reece’s character goes on to play a wounded Navy SEAL whose platoon was ambushed, leading to his internal conflicts.

Shaw’s Boozers is thus Reece’s helping hand as he battles the evil forces out to get him.

Jared Shaw’s age and bio on Wikipedia

Jared Shaw has a bio page on IMDb, however there are still many unknowns about his age and upbringing.

A former Navy SEAL who has transitioned into a stuntman, he has performed stunts on prestigious films including “Transformers: The Last Knight” and “Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 2” as well as “Jurassic World,” “Dawn of the Planet of the Apes,” and “Jurassic World” in 2014.

Shaw made his acting debut in 2016 as an anonymous soldier in the TV show “The Warfighters.” He participated in a total of nine episodes before the end of the next year.

The 2018 TV show “SEAL Team” featured the “Civil War” actor. Then, in 2021, he made an appearance as Tank in “The Tomorrow War.”

He is a co-producer of eight episodes of “The Terminal List,” in addition to acting in it. His business career is expanding as the stunt master expands Jared’s profession beyond stunt work to include acting and producing.

Jared Shaw, an actor 2022 Net Worth

Jared Shaw has unquestionably amassed a tremendous amount of wealth through his work in Hollywood.

His name is well-known in the industry because the majority of his projects have become international hits.

As a result, Shaw makes a good living to add to his net worth figures, which he has not yet revealed to the curious public.

Additionally, the actor who plays Shaw on the show, Boozers, has avoided speaking to the media as the episode has garnered attention. The audience is hoping that he will soon talk about his life and career, though.

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